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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 103: Inquisitive Blues

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Inquisitive. This is the word for the day on Hokudai/Cast 103. It means to ask questions or to want to know about a subject.

There is a era in European history known as The Spanish Inquisition. As you can see inquisition and inquisitive are very close in spelling. They are also very close in meaning. Inquisition is the noun for the verb inquire and adjective inquisitive.

The Spanish Inquisition was in Spain. The purpose was to find heretics - people who did not follow the rules and laws of the Catholic church in Spain. The Inquisitors (people who asked questions) could be very cruel and many people died. The Inquisitors asked many people about the rules and laws of the church in Spain and why the people didn't follow them. Being a heretic was a serious offense.

The Spanish Inquisition was started by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. They are more famous for giving an inquisitive explorer three ships and crew so that he could sail to China to find pepper and other spices. Christopher Columbus got lost, however, and ended up discovering America in 1492.

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