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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 102: Special Musical Episode

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Is WiFi indispensable for your life or dispensable? First, I guess it depends on if you know what WiFi means or not. WiFi is the name of a wireless lan. That means you can use your cell phone to surf the internet. Without WiFi you wouldn't be able to surf it. (This is different from getting text messages from your friends.)

How often do you use your cell phone to look up things on the web? Everyday? Only when you are sitting at your computer? Well, as of this April Hokuriku University is going to have WiFi in all the classrooms. This means you bring your cell phone or computer and look up information on the internet. How will you use it? How will teachers use it? This is going to be a fun year, don't you think? Will WiFi become indispensable for education?
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