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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 101: The Sightseeing Pharoah

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Vacation and holidays. Vacation means you can skip out of work or school and enjoy yourself. The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are not vacation days but merely our weekends. Holidays in American English are special days, like the Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving. In British English, holidays means vacation (in American English). Originally, of course, holidays meant a religious day, one where people didn't have to work. Holy days. Like Christmas and Sundays.

Whatever you call it, university students in Japan are not in schools this month or next. It is their spring vacation. School starts in April but in the mean time, they are free to travel, work part-time jobs, or even study. Most, however, will probably hang out with their friends and dread the coming of April.

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