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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 104: Machiavellian Rock and Blues

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About Machiavelli from The Discovery Channel (not-so-easy English)

Salman Rushdie (author of Satanic Verses, Midnight's Children, and The Enchantress of Florence) on Machiavelli. Mr. Rushdie uses words like 'devious,' 'cynical,' and 'power politics' to describe Machiavelli's message.

However, he describes Machiavelli the person as very democratic, a party animal, a sweet man, and a gentle person plus a successful playwright. He also says he was a philanderer.

Rushdie uses the phrase 'shooting the messenger.' This means that the person who tells you bad news is punished when all he or she had done is tell you the bad news.

In this video Rushdie describes the person more than the message of Machiavelli. Please listen and enjoy.

Rushdie mentions a man called Amerigo Vespucci, a cousin of Machiavelli's friend. Amerigo Vespuci was a map-maker who made maps for another Italian, Christopher Columbus (see Hokudai/Cast 103). America got its name from Amerigo.

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