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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 68: What I Want in a Dream

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Hokudai/Cast 68 continues our useful phrases to use at the Beijing Olympics (in English) this summer. This week we learn to say "I want to eat...", "I want to buy..." and "I want to see..." in Japanese, English, and Chinese. If we learn these phrases, we can be more comfortable when we go to Beijing. In fact, if we learn these phrases in any language, we can be more comfortable when we go to a foreign country.

Instead of pointing at pictures in a menu, for example, we can speak to the waitperson. Whenever a tourist from a foreign country tries to speak another country's language, people appreciate it. Since I live in Japan, I try to speak Japanese as much as I can. This is good for both the people I speak to - who might not be able to speak English -  and for me; it improves my Japanese ability.
If you're planning to go to Beijing for the Olympics, (in Chinese) learning a few phrases in Chinese will increase your Chinese experience. And, if you have the time, you can drop in on Japan and practice the same phrases in Japanese. 
Learning phrases in any language can be both frustrating and rewarding but it is always a good way to learn more about your own language and country. We begin to see things in a new way when we speak a foreign language and this can only be good for the planet. It will be extra good for your time at the Olympics (in Japanese).

The music this week is by Micheal Slupczynski.
It is a jazzy-blues number called "Blue Dream." 
It is from and is quite exciting.

Additional Music on Hokudai/Cast 68 is by Manzi.

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