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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 67: Chinese for the Olympics

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The Beijing Olympics will be held in August - that's two plus months away. On Hokudai/Cast 67 we are going to hear some Chinese (and Japanese) words you can use if you go to Beijing. Many Hokuriku University students go to Beijing to study English and Chinese simultaneously. But you can sit at home and study these simple phrases just by listening to Hokudai/Cast 67.

Before the useful sentences though, why are the Olympics sometimes called the Olympics and sometimes called the Olympic Games? The Olympics (with an 's') is a short way to say The Olympic Games. Sometimes the city where the Olympics were held is added: the Mexico City Olympics, the Seoul Olympics, the Barcelona Olympics, and now the Beijing Olympics. 
Olympics - with an 's' - is a noun but Olympic - without an 's' - is an adjective: the Olympic Games vs the Beijing Olympics.
Hokudai/Cast's Trilingual Lesson includes the following sentences (in English - click on the title to hear the sentences in Japanese and Chinese):

  • Where is the National Stadium?
  • Where is the bus stop?
  • Where is a good restaurant?
  • Where is the restroom?
  • Where are you from?
  • I'm from Japan.
Thanks for listening.
The music today is Rolling Family from Jesushairdo
You can find more Jesushairdo at

Additional music is by Manzi, a local Kanazawa indies band.
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