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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 66: International Law and Reflection

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This week Hokudai/Cast 66 brings you international law, legal words, and reflections about our company visit. We will also hear from three students who are at Hokuriku University to study Japanese, Japanese culture, and the Japanese lifestyle.

'Law' can be used to make many other words. For example, we can add 'ful' to the end and make 'lawful.' If we add 'un' (which means 'not') to the beginning of 'lawful' we come up with 'unlawful.' Similarly, 'legal' can be used to make many words. We can start with adding 'il' (which means 'not') to the beginning. This makes 'illegal' (not legal.) 'Illegal' and 'unlawful' are similar in meaning. This you can see from their similarities - 'il' and 'un' both mean 'not' and 'legal' and 'law' are similar, too.
Last week the students visited two companies: an architect's office and a TV commercial producer's office. In Hokudai/Cast 66 we will hear - in English, Japanese, and Chinese - their reflection on their trip. Both companies are not 'conventional.' This means they do not wear dark suits and push paper all day. Well, the architect does but different paper. Were the students very pleased with their company visits? Listen and learn!
Last week Hokuriku University had a charity concert to raise money for the victims of China's massive earthquake. Some of the music from that concert can be heard on Hokudai/Cast 66. Please listen and please help the victims of that natural disaster.

How do you say these words in Chinese and English? Please listen and find out! 
法律 弁護士 不法な 契約 契約上 合法的 非合法的

Music is "Daydream" by Robin Stine from PodSafeAudio.Com
"Lava" by Manzi, a Kanazawa indies band

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