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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 69: Take the Bus or Take a Bath?

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Hokudai/Cast 69 introduces us to 'take' (which should not be confused with bamboo: 竹 - take) and some of its uses: we can both 'take a bath' and 'take a bus' but we do different things with both. We can even 'take care.' 'Take' means more than just 取る.

Actually, there are three words that you should explore. These three words are very useful in speaking English. They are take, get, and go.

For example, we
get up in the morning, we get breakfast, we get to the bus stop, we get on the bus, we get to work or school, and we get home after school or work, we get to bed at the end of the day.

When we
take out the garbage, we take care not to mix burnable (燃えるゴミ) and non-burnable (燃えないゴミ) garbage. We take a bus to work or school. When we take a bath in the evening we take our time relaxing. And, when we are tired, we take a break.

Sometimes we go to work or school and get busy. We
go to lunch or take lunch at our desk. We go to the bathroom and we go home after work or school. We go on vacation and we go to bed. On the weekends we might go shopping or go on a date. We might go back to our hometown and get caught up with family news.
I take it you can see that we can take a bath or go to the bathroom. These are two different things. 'Take a bath' is お風呂 and 'Go to the bathroom' is トイレ. Another word for 'bathroom' is 'restroom.' In English, the 'toilet' (トイレ) is the fixture - usually white - people sit on. The room where the toilet is is called the bathroom or restroom. ('Bathroom' is usually used for a トイレ in a house; 'restroom' is used in public places like restaurants and stores.)
If you take a look in your dictionary or go to the library you can get the meanings of all these different uses of take, get, and go. Get it? (分かりますか?) Good. Go for it!

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Their guitarist is a Hokuriku University junior. (三年生)

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