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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 62: Nisui and High School

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In Hokudai/Cast 62 we have lots of words and phrases about 'high school.' First, Word/Play is about studying, students, graduation, graduate, and studious. Our Japanese-English-Chinese lesson is quick and about high school students, studying, and college. 

And we have an Interview with an English teacher at Nisui High School in Kanazawa.

Glenn has come to Japan three times - twice to study and once to work - and he has some good advice on learning to speak English. Listening to the interview you will discover his major when he was a student in college and what languages he has attempted to learn (Japanese is one but there are others.)

In high school in America, students are encouraged to study a foreign language, just like in Japan. In many high schools in America, though, there is a choice of language. Of course there are many European languages offered (Spanish, French, German, and Latin), but also Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Some high schools might have six or seven different languages that students can choose from. 

Here are the words and sentences used in our Japanese-English Chinese lesson.
  • I'm a high school student.
  • I'll graduate from high school next March.
  • I'm eager to go to university.
  • I don't think I'm too studious.
  • I like to study.
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