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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 61: Chinese, English & Japanese!

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In Hokudai/Cast 61 we have our first Chinese-English-Japanese lesson of the year! Amazing. It is a short and quick lesson using the days of the week Plus certain Japanese foods (sushi, okonomiyaki) and 
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In Word/Play we deal with 'Self."  The words are all related to 'Auto' such as automobile, auto-pilot, and autobiography. This last word is easy if you know the parts:  Auto (Self), bio (life) and graphy (write). Yes, it means writing about your life. (自伝記 in Japanese.)

Hokuriku University has a soccer course. It has both men and, from this year, women in the course. They have to study English and all the other classes but they also have to practice soccer nearly everyday. They need English because they will play in other countries. Also, international soccer referees must be able to speak English so if the Hokuriku University soccer players want to talk to a referee or other players, they will need to speak English. 

In Hokudai/Cast 61 we have a short interview (in Japanese) with a soccer coach. 

The music today is by a Japanese group called Cat O'Nine Tails and the song is "Alice with Headphones"

Additional music is by Manzi!
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