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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 63: Finance and Natural Disasters

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Hokudai/Cast 63 is a disaster. Specifically, we are talking about natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and the three big wind storms: typhoons, hurricanes, and cyclones. There was an earthquake in China May 13, 2008 and a cyclone in Myanmar  May 2, 2008. Three years ago a very big hurricane, Katrina, destroyed the American city of New Orleans. And typhoons often cause floods in Japan, especially in Kagoshima and Nagasaki. In 1991, there was a big volcanic eruption in Nagasaki when Mt. Unzen erupted.

In the past month or so the world has had a couple of large natural disasters. An earthquake in China and a cyclone in Myanmar. There was also a large volcanic eruption in Chile.

What does an earthquake look like? (Chengdu, China, 2008)

What does a hurricane look like? (America, 2004)

What does a cyclone look like? (Myanmar, 2008)

What does a volcanic eruption look like? (Unzen, 1991)

Natural Disasters  (sometimes called 'Acts of God')
  • 地震 - earthquake -地震
  • 台風 - typhoon -台风
  • サイクロン - cyclone -龙卷风
  • ハリケーン - hurricane - 飓风
  • 津波 - tsunami (tidal wave) -海啸
  • 火山の爆発 - volcanic eruption -火山爆发
  • 洪水 - flood -洪水 
For Words of  natural disasters that you hear on Hokudai/Cast 63, 

Music is by David Hahn. Title is OOKA FOOKOO - an experimental piece that Hahn calls the oldest music ever written by humans - caveman music. From

Additional music is 'Lava' by Manzi.
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