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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 58: The New School Year

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Freshman Orientation was this week. The 一年生 learned alot about Hokuriku University and the classes they will be taking this year. Very exciting. Hokudai/Cast interviewed a few students and we all learned how to say 'cyber-technology' and 'high school' in Chinese and Japanese.

What do you think about your first day of school? Is it a time of stress and worry or a time of excitement and discovery? Imagine your first day of school if it were in a foreign country! That would be stressful, worrisome, exciting, and full of discovery all at the same instant. What do all those words mean?  

Speaking of words, Word/Play this week has 'Anthro' which means 'human'" and can be seen in such words as:


As you know, ology means study so anthropology is easy to figure out. But what about the other words? What do they mean? (By the way, 'anthro' is also part of the word 'philanthropy.' It is a very nice word. What does it mean? Hint: phil means love.)

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