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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 53: Mostly Music - Mt. Paliot's and Seattle Standard Cafe

This Hokudai/Cast Word/Play was first studied by students at Fushiki High School in Toyama. They all did very well. The words all have to do with the Latin meanings of names in "Harry Potter" such as mal = bad for Malfoy and vol = fly, de = from, mort = death for Voldemort. See? Latin is useful in both building our vocabulary and giving us more pleasure when reading novels.

After Word/Play we have two songs. One by Seattle Standard Cafe and one by Mt. Paliot's.
Hokudai/Cast 53 Contents

0:00 - 0:05 Introduction

0:05 - 3:40 Word/Play

3:42 - 7:05 One Ticket to You - Seattle Standard Cafe

7:10 - 9:20 Repeal the Licensing Laws - Mt. Paliot's

9:25 - 10:00 Contact Information

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