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Monday, May 28, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 24: How do you say ~ in Chinese?

Hokudai/Cast: Your fun-service podcast for learning Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Our latest Hokudai/Cast has lots of language: how to say ~ in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Plus music by Yum ("Beyond the Horizon" - a nifty techno beat) and The Sumo Sisters ("Girls Do It Better" - a quick and dirty pop tune with an edge.). We interview two Hokuriku University juniors (3年生) about part-time jobs and karaoke.

And a Hokudai/Cast blog exlusive:
Two ways on how to improve your English conversation skill.

1. Ask the other person about the other person. (Everyone loves to talk about themselves.)

2. If you don't understand, ask. People love to explain and teach.

Please listen and enjoy!

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