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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 25: What will you do after graduation?

Hokudai/Cast 25 - Click here to hear.

Hokudai/Cast 25 is all about the future. First, George Stenson interviews two third-year Hokuriku University students about their plans for after graduation.

Second, we have some vocabulary and some interviews. The questions we learn - in English, Japanese, and Chinese - are:

Where are you from?
What's your occupation?
What's your major?
What will you do after graduation?
Have you ever been to Japan?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Is she cute?
What's her name?
How often do you practice?

How do you say these words in Japanese? How do you say them in Chinese? Listen to Hokudai/Cast 25 and find out!

We will hear an interview from University of California at Riverside, (UCR) from a Hokuriku University student studying English there.

We will then have an interview from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), China from another Hokuriku University student studying English and Chinese there.

All three interviews are about the future: what will they do after graduation? What will you do after graduation?

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