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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My English Life 23-30 April

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Here is installment two of Haruka's Diary of her Life in England. It looks like she's settling in nicely in Bath.

23th April: This morning, I made a sandwich for lunch and I walked though Royal Victoria Park when I went to school. This day, I was walking, I saw a squirrel. I saw a wild squirrel for the first time, so I took a picture. When I arrived at University and talked with my classmates, I saw some new students. I was very surprised because almost all the students were Japanese students!! Five new students came to my class. All the students were Japanese. My class has 10 students including new students. Seven students are Japanese!! I made friends soon. They're good people.

After school, I got a student card and went to the city centre with my friends. We went window shopping and went to a photo shop to develop a lot of photographs. But when we arrived there, the shop was closed, so I'm going to go again tomorrow. After I left them. I went to the sports and leisure centre and heard about a street dance. Then I decided to get a dancing lesson and got a membership card.

24th April: This day was a rainy day. I don't really like rain... On the way to school, I met a new student. We went to school together and talked using English and Japanese. Today's class was interesting, too. After school, I went to the photo shop to develop lots of pictures, and I called my brother because he called me during my English lesson. I talked with my family for a long time. Then I came across a my classmate, Ladda, and we went to the bus station to go home. When we arrived there, I met Cecilia, the American student I live in the same house with, so we went home together.

25th April: After school, I went to the city centre with some classmates. I went to the photo shop to get a lot of photographs with my classmate, Asuka. I asked a member of staff, but my photographs hadn't been developed yet, so we returned to the meeting place. Nobody appeared, so we went our different ways. I bought pants and tank top to wear in the dancing lesson, and I went to the sports and leisure centre. I couldn't understand how to use a locker and when I received a lesson, I had to give the instructor a piece of paper. The lesson started at 5:20 and finished at 6:10. The street dance lesson was difficult for me, but it was very pleasant!! I'll go every Wednesday.

26th April: Today I went ice skating in Bristol. After school, I went to the bank to take out some money and went back home once. I ate some dinner and went to the city centre again. Then we got on a bus and left for Bristol. We arrived in Bristol at 8:30. We skated until 10:00. It was the first time I've been skating so I couldn't walk unless I held on to the side. After a while, I could walk without holding on to the side. But I could only walk slowly. I fell over 3 times. I was a little sore. I thought it was more difficult than the dancing lesson. When I got home, I couldn't walk properly.

27th April: I wore a dress I bought in this city because I was asked to by my classmates, then I wore my new high heels which I bought in Bath, too. The shoes didn't fit because I was wearing them for the first time. I injured my heels, so I went to the shoes shop and bought new shoes which is flat. It was easier to walk than before. I thought that I have to be careful about new shoes.

29th April: Today, I went to the city centre with my Japanese classmates, Kimika and Yuko. We met in front of McDonald's, and we ate lunch and talked there. We spent about 2 hours talking. Later, we walked through the streets and went shopping. It was fun!! Then we met other students, Ju Yeon, Jinny, and Asuka. They went to the library, and we went to Sainsbury's which is a big supermarket in Bath to buy something. Then we went home. This day, my host family went to a family birthday party. They said it was exciting!! I ate dinner and sent e-mail.

30th April: Today, my University started IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) classes. I didn't take a IELTS class, because I thought I didn't need to take this class. I took the same lesson as before. After school, I went to the computer room with my classmates and used the Internet. Then we talked about English life and our plans for this weekend. It was fun. Then we went home at 6:30. I went home with my classmates, Yuko and Eriko and we talked about lots of things. When I arrived home, my host mother was already sleeping because she had a cold, so I ate dinner alone, watched TV and did my homework.

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