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Friday, June 02, 2006

1.4 Who We Are

It's time to introduce some of the people behind the music, words, and laughter.

First of all, there's The Master, me, who is forcing these poor people to talk to their friends, listen to music, and learn more about other cultures. My hobby is learning how to do things I never knew how to do before, like making a blog, podcasting, videocasting, and speaking Chinese.

Before you read more, remember that NHK is the quasi-public broadcasting system in Japan. (I think it stands for Nippon Hoso (broadcasting) K-something. (Kyoku - station?), but obviously I'm not sure.)

And now, the other people:

I'm Yuuki.
裕貴小坂です (祐貴).

I like listening to NHK English programs every night. I study all the time.

毎晩、NHK の英語番組 を聞くのが好きです。俺はつねに勉強しています。

My name is Meng Qi.

I like playing the internet game and see the world. I can speak 4 languages: Chinese, Japanese, English, and French.
私はinternet ゲームと旅行が好きです。私はよつの言語を話できます。中国語、日本語、英語と仏語。

I'm Noriko.

I'm from Toyama, Japan. I like artistic hobbies like making pottery, design, and drawing pictures.

I have 11 piercings on my head.

My name is Ho Yo.

I'm from China.

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