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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1.3 Trilingualism

In Hokudai/Cast 1.3 we have a two new features:

First, a trilingual lesson in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Jessica gives us a trilingual vocabulary list. Then, Meng Qi interviews a friend in Chinese and then we hear the interview again in Japanese and English.

Second, Shogo introduces us to the electronic sounds of Madlib and Scott Herren.

Finally, we take a trans-oceanic bullet train ride (which is impossible, by the way, so far) between the fish market in Tokyo, Tsukiji, and the Hello Market near Beijing, China.

Before all that, though, Noriko interviews Ayumi.

Noriko's questions are:

1. What is your treasure? (What's important for you?)

2. What is your requirement for a boyfriend?

3. What was your previous incarnation?

Listen carefully to Ayumi's answers, especially to question three. What was Ayumi in a previous life?

A quick, short lesson in English, Japanese, and Chinese

The first sentence is English, followed by Japanese which is followed by Chinese. They are all read by Jessica.

How are you?

Good morning.

I can speak English, Japanese, and Chinese.
英語, 日本語, 中国語をしゃべれます
我会说英语, 日语, 汉语

What do you like to do in your free time?

My name is...


I’d like a beer, please.

How do you say this word in Japanese or Chinese?

(This actually asks how to say it in English -
英語 - or Chinese - 中国語.)

(This actually asks how to say it in English - 英语 - or Japanese - 日语.)

I don’t understand.

Eat, drink, sleep
食べる, 飲む, 寝る
吃, 喝, 睡

In Chinese, Meng Qi asks his friend three questions:
What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you come from?

How do you say these questions in Japanese and Chinese? Good question. Please listen.

Listen here. It will open in a new window, I hope.

Hokudai/Cast would like to thank jmfh of the FreeSound Project for the Chinese market sounds, Heigh-ho for the shinkansen, LG for the door closing, and Marec for the Tsukiji Fish market sounds.

(By the way, in a previous life Ayumi thinks she was a hamster because she has big teeth and is active.)

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