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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Say "Yes!" in Chinese and "Yes" and "No" in Japanese

Why is it easier to say "Yes" and "No" in Japanese than Chinese? Watch these videos to find out. First, here's a quick video on how to say "yes" in Chinese. There are two ways: easy and real. Enjoy.
Now, a very quick video on how to say "Yes" and "No" in Japanese. It is pretty straightforward but I must warn you, in conversations you might seldom hear the "No" word. It is more likely that you'll hear:
難しい - むずかしい - muzukashii. The dictionary says this means "difficult," but in reality it means "No."

ちょっとね - chotto ne. This means "a little" or "well..." but in reality, again, it means "No."

考えています - かんがえています - kangaeteimasu. This means, "I'll think about it," but, once more, in reality it means "No."

It often depends on the situation and who you are talking to.

Here's your Japanese video:

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