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Monday, June 11, 2012

HyakumanGoku: Kanazawa's Festival

Maeda Toshiie
A four-minute video of an hour-long parade in Kanazawa, Japan. Celebrating the rulership of Maeda Toshiie and his wife Matsu, this parade comes with dancing, music, crowds, actors playing Toshiie and Matsu plus lots of related activities during a weekend in June.

Maeda was one of the richest men in Japan at one point. His income was one million bushels of rice (in Japanese: hyakuman-goku -  百万石). He also had Kanazawa castle built along with its garden (Kenrokuen - 兼六園). He died in 1599 and Matsu died in 1617.

The music in this video was downloaded from It is by Jack Wyles and is called "Just A Jazzy Reggae Suit." Check Jack Wyles' other music out at

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