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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 87: Sites for Listening

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Here are a few sites to listen to our three languages. In this post, we'll show you three Mandarin sites. In the future we'll try to find you some good sites for learning Cantonese. 

Sites for Practicing Listening to Mandarin
  1. Ten easy (?) lessons for beginning Mandarin can be found at BBC Languages.
  2. A list of sites using natural (TV and radio) Mandarin can be found at Learn ChineseEZ.
  3. A long list of conversations in relatively easy Mandarin can be found at Chinese Tools.
Sites for Practicing Listening to Japanese
  1. Simple expressions you can listen to can be found at Japanese.About.
  2. More difficult listening exercises can be heard at UVic Asian Studies.
  3. Some natural (normally spoken, normally used - taken from radio and field recordings) Japanese can be heard at Griffith University.
Sites for Practicing Listening to English
  1. You can read and listen simultaneously to English from around the world at ELLLO
  2. A rather fun site with simple listening exercises and pre-listening can be found at Caroline Brown Listening.
  3. Normal and quick English can be heard at English Listening Lounge.

Here is a video of the song on Hokudai/Cast 87 by Cat-O-Nine Tails:

By the way, there is a Swedish group called Cat O'Nine Tails that plays ultra-heavy thrash metal. They should not be confused with the Japanese indies band called Cat-O-Nine Tails.
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