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Friday, December 28, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 44: Words and Music!

Hokudai/Cast 44 is mostly music ... and words. It is winter vacation and all of our students and podcasters are off either working, enjoying time with family or friends, or studying. Studying? Maybe not. 
  • Hokudai/Cast 44 has two songs: Everyday with You by the Sumo Sisters (of I Want to Wrestle You fame; music by Jesushairdo of Hokudai/Cast 29) and a jazzy number from France called Dancing with Christine by Little Red King. Both from PodSafeAudio.
  • We also have Word/Play. Today's Word/Play are People Words (~ist, ~er, and ~or) such as dentist, artist, terrorist, and pacifist, teacher, driver, doctor and actor. These suffixes are usually related to people and their jobs.
Hokudai/Cast 44 Contents

0:00 - 1:08 Introduction
1:10 - 4:20 Word/Play
4:21 - 9:47 Everyday with Youby the Sumo Sisters
9:50 - 14:39 Dancing with Christineby Little Red King
14:40 - 15:10 Contact Info
  • Please read and comment on some of the reports on a previous entry: Reports from the Trenches. The writers will be happy hear from you.
  • Next week we will all be on winter break so our next Hokudai/Cast will be released January 10th or 11th.
Hope you are well, have a good New Year's and enjoy life.
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