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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 43: Year-End Party

Hokudai/Cast 43 is about having fun, as all of our podcasts are. This time, though, we are enjoying ourselves while we record: eating pizza, drinking cokes, and talking, singing, and joking. Why? It's our Year-End Party. With a Language Lesson and Word/Play, of course. 

Language Lesson
Japanese English Chinese
幸せ happy 幸福
機嫌のいい cheerful 心情好
素晴らしい wonderful 精彩的
幸福に happily 幸福地
快活に cheerfully 快活地
素晴らしく wonderfully 精彩地
役立つ helpful 有帮助的
涙もろい tearful 眼泪汪汪的
一口、非難 mouthful 为难
役に立つように helpfully 有用的
泣きながら tearfully 一边哭一边

Please look at the reports some students wrote. The reports are below this post and it's called: "Reports from the Trenches." They are quite nice. Please read and, if you want to comment, please email us at or click on the comment button. Thanks.

Music is by Nadare and it's called "If You Dare"

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