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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 20: Short, Sweet, and Sumo Sisters

A nice short and sweet Hokudai/Cast today from the School of Future Learning (未来創造学部) at Hokuriku University. (北陸大学) Three main parts:
  • George speaks Spanish (スペイン語) to a Spaniard and teaches you how to say, "Hello, how are you?" in Spanish.
  • A Hokuriku University student who is going to study English, dance, and singing in Riverside, California gives us her self-introduction and sings a short snippet of a song.
  • Part Two of our interview with a graduate of Hokuriku University who is now the head Buddhist priest at Intokuji in Kanazawa.
Also, check out the newly, sort of, updated iWeb site for Hokudai/Cast.

All of Hokuriku University's excellent students have rushed off to their various Spring vacation (春休み) destinations. Many are going to spend from six months to a year in Australia, the United States, China, and England. Hokuriku University has a great Study Abroad (海外実習) program and they are taking advantage of it to improve their English, singing, dancing, and inter-cultural skills.

The music is "I Want to Wrestle You" by the Sumo Sisters. (Words by jajoi & jesushairdo, Music by Jesushairdo - who has some interesting music himself.) You can find the Sumo Sisters and many other great musicians at Podsafe Music Network.

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