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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 19: Studying Abroad & A Priest

Hokuriku University has exchange programs (海外自習 in Japanese) in nine different countries. Five are designed for language study (England, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and China,) while four are more for culture and international studies (Korea, Spain, Mongolia and Germany). Students can study English or culture and they can stay from about 10 days to one year. The newest exchange program is in China where students can study English in China.

On today's Hokudai/Cast we interview two students who are going to spend a year in another country studying English and/or Chinese. One student is hurrying off to China to study both English and Chinese while another one is going to Australia to study English and dance.

(When you go to Hokuriku University's website you will see a woman standing in the middle of a cafeteria. That woman is Hitomitoi, the singer for Hokuriku's song "Daylight" We talked about her in Hokudai/Cast 15, which isn't on this blog, but click on the title back there. Please listen and we hope you enjoy it.)

In Hokudai/Cast 19 we have Another Interview with Another Buddhist Priest Part One. (Are we pushing religion here? No. Read on.) In 2005 a Hokuriku University student's father died and he had to fill his deceased father's shoes as the priest for a Buddhist temple. Now, at 24, he is running the temple, Intokuji. 因徳寺 in Japanese. Here is the only website I could find for 困徳寺. You'll see the Higashihonganji 750th mark.)He gave us an interview and this is Part One. The temple has been his family's responsibility for 450 years! He speaks in both English and Japanese.

Music on Hokudai/Cast 19 is provided by Mayu with her bass-heavy song "Something You Want."

Don't forget to enjoy Hokudai/Cast 19 and visit the Hokudai/Cast website.

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