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Monday, August 18, 2014

Episode 278: Hamburgers & Demonyms

Words in Word/Play include:

  • endonym
  • exonym
  • denonym
  • homonym
  • pseudonym
  • anonymous

Confused History is about hamburgers. Created in the US, named after a city in Germany, popular for over 120 years: The Hamburger ~ synonmous with America.

Words in this weeks Bilingual Lesson are:

  • moon
  • moonlight
  • wind
  • windy
  • ask
  • ask the wind
  • ask the moon
  • question
  • ask a question

Music is

風に尋ねて (Ask the Wind) by Zizi featuring Satomi (

月光 (Moonlight) by 沼泽 (

Check out this episode!

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