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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hokudai/Cast 265: Loopy Loop

Words in Word Play today are related to loop. They are loop, loopy, and loophole. Loop is a circle in a string or rope. It is also when a computer program repeats itself. Loopy means slightly crazy or slightly silly. A loophole is a way to escape some obligation. People often look for loopholes when they do their taxes, for example.

The four words for your Trilingual Lesson are:

  • depict
  • detour
  • tour
  • duty

And the four sentences are:

  • I took a detour.
  • I didn't take a detour.
  • Did you take a detour?
  • Who took a detour?

Music is Loopy Loop by Maco Akoda from

Dazibao by AV Okubo from

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