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Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonderful Traffic in 30 Seconds.

A couple of quick videos for Japanese and English. First, 交通、交差点、and 傘
交通 (こうつ~ kotsu) = traffic = 交通 (Jiāotōng)

交差点 こうさてん~ kosaten) = intersection = 路口 (Lùkǒu)

傘 (かさ ~ かさ) = umbrella = 伞 (Sǎn)

When crossing the intersection, carry an umbrella.

Second, just 素晴らしい, an adjective.
素晴らしい (すばらしい ~ subarashii) = wonderful, cool, great, awesome = 大 (Dà)

Her umbrella is wonderful.

Watch the videos, read the words, enjoy the music and learn. In less than 30 seconds

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