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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hokudai/Cast 259: Playwrights and Eyebrows

Today's Word/Play will present you with three words:




Wright is an old word meaning "Work" and these three words are people who make what comes before "wright." A playwright makes plays, a millwright works in a factory, and a wheelwright makes wheels.

Today's Trilingual Lesson brings you two words and two sentences in three different languages. The words might be familiar to you. They are:

劇作家 ~ Playwright ~ 剧作家

  水車大工 ~ Millwright ~ 技工

The sentences are fairly simple:

彼は劇作家である。~ He is a playwright. ~ 他是一位剧作家。

彼は水車大工です。 ~ He is a millwright. ~ 他是一名技工

We have a quick grammar lesson following the Trilingual Lesson. It is about using the word 'to' in sentences. Use 'to' after 'going' if you are going to a place.

For example:

       I'm going to Paris.

       I'm going to work.

       I'm going to school

But don't use it if the verb following 'to' ends in '~ing'.

       I'm going shopping. ~ I'm going to shop.

       I'm going skiing. ~ I'm going to ski.

       I'm going swimming. ~ I'm going to swim.

Your Music Presentation today is:

      Wonderland by Magic Eyebrows (Mayuge ~ 眉毛) from

      靠不靠谱 by 刘力扬 from

Check out this episode!

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