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Monday, April 22, 2013

Medical Japanese and English

A little medical English or Japanese, depending on what language you are learning. Lots of English to listen to; lots of Japanese to hear, too.

Words you hear are:
熱 - fever

気分が悪い - I feel bad.

痛い - pain, hurt.

喉が痛い - Nodo ga itai. 喉 (nodo) - throat. My throat hurts. / I have a sore throat.

胃が痛い - I ga itai 胃 (i - pronounced E) - stomach. My stomach hurts. / I have a stomachache.

腰が痛い - Koshi ga itai. 腰 (koshi) - lower back. My lower back hurts.

目が痛い - Me ga itai. 目 (me - pronounced May) - eye. My eye hurts.

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