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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hokudai/Cast 256: Ground Breaking!

Today's Hokudai/Cast brings you first:

A little bit about Japan - Today we're talking about university entrance exams. They take place in January, February, and March. Students usually need to go to the university to take the test and the tests determine who will or will not be attending that university. The tests take place once a year. If you fail, you must wait a year to take it again.

And then we have Word/Play. Word/Play deals with five words:

Ground up

1. minced 2. from the very beginning

Ground floor

The first floor of a building

Ground breaking

1. a ceremony before building a building. 2. new or innovative

Ground down

Very tired.

And we have music:

A Night Cry for the Moon by the KeathMoon at

我的歌声里 (My Song) by 曲婉婷 (Qu Wanating) from

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