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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hokudai/Cast 251: Shun?

Word/Play explains the difference between ~tion, ~sion, and ~cian. All are pronounced 'shun' but are used differently. These three take (usually) verbs and make them nouns.

First, the most common is ~tion. When in doubt, spell the word with ~tion.




Second, if the verb  ends with -d, -de, -se, or -t spell the word with an ~sion.

collision (from collide)

persuasion (from the verb persuade)

explosion (from the verb explode)

television (from the verb televise)

Third, if you're talking about people, work, and jobs, use ~cian.




After Word/Play, we have an Interview with a Hokuriku University student. She talks about her future and teaches us two words: finance and graduate school in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Finally, we have our Music:

MoshiMo by Kimux from

Holiday by Hard Queen from

See you next week!

Finally, if you're talking about people and jobs, spell the word with a ~cian.

Check out this episode!

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