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Friday, November 09, 2012

Hokudai/Cast 249: Coffee

Lots of coffee today. First, your Word/Play has the following words:

Coffee • コーヒー 咖啡

Cafe カフェ • 咖啡厅

Mocha モカ •摩卡

Cafeteria カフェテリア• 自助餐厅

Caffeine  カフェイン 咖啡因

Java ジャワ • 爪哇咖啡

Notice, if you will, all the Japanese words are in katakana, an alphabet reserved for words of foreign origin (except China). Also note that three words (Mocha, Java, and coffee) come from place names - Mocha, Yemen; Java, Indonesia; and Kaffa, Ethiopia.

Second, we have an Interview with a student who is from China and will go to graduate school next year. We ask, in English,

• what school she goes to in China,

• how long she has studied Japanese,

• how long she's lived in Kanazawa, and

• what she will be doing next year.

She answers in English, Japanese, and finally, Chinese.

After the Interview comes your Trilingual Lesson with words exactly the same as in Word/Play plus these sentences:

I never drink coffee. • コーヒーを飲んだことがない• 我从不喝咖啡

I always drink coffee. • いつもコーヒーを飲む。• 我总和咖啡

Do you drink coffee? • コーヒーを飲みますか?• 你喝咖啡吗?

Who drinks coffee? • 誰がコーヒーを飲みますか?• 谁喝咖啡?

Where can I drink coffee? • 何処でコーヒーを飲みますか? • 我能在哪喝到咖啡?

And finally, we come to our Music:

Two Cups of Coffee by Marhear from GBUC

软绵绵 (Soft) by 黄龄 Huang Ling

Thanks for dropping by. See you next week.

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