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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hokudai/Cast 223: Entrance to Euphoria?

We have a trilingual lesson talking about being Bilingual (二か国語    Bilingual    双语). Hmm. Interesting, eh? The sentences are:
  • 彼女は二か国語が使えます。
    She is bilingual.   
    她会说 两种语言。
  • 私は二か国語が使えません。
    I'm not bilingual.  
     她不会说 两种语言。
  • 二か国語が使えますか?   
    Are you bilingual?   
    你会说 两种语言吗?
  • 誰が二か国語使えますか?   
    Who is bilingual?   
    谁会说 两种语言?
The music is from Koo2: Hello ( and TianZhen: ZhiZhuo (

We also have a euphoric Word/Play continuing use of the letters 'eu' which, of course, mean 'good'.

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