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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is Kamishibai - 紙芝居?

What is 紙芝居 - kamishibai?

It's an old Japanese storytelling art done with pictures, a wooden frame, and a storyteller. On one side of a thick paper are the pictures for the story. On the other side, the side the audience doesn't see, the story is written so the storyteller can read it. But the story is not of the picture but of the Next picture, so that the storyteller can read it as the audiences looks at the picture. But good storytellers don't just read the story, they enthuse it with actions, voices, and emotions.

Here is a video that describes and shows what 紙芝居 is:

And here is a video of a professional 紙芝居 storyteller telling a story. Notice how he looks at the back of the picture he has just removed from the frame.

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