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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 125: Fashionable Fear & Silver Week

pie ala modeOn your left we have a picture of pie ala mode. Pie with ice cream. This particular pie seems to be apple pie. There's a phrase "As American as apple pie." But there is no phrase "As American as apple pie ala mode." Although there should be as pie ala mode is very popular, especially in the summer, in the US.

In Japan there is a series of holidays in April/May that sometimes line up quite nicely to form a solid week of holidays. Starting with April 29 - Showa Day because it was Emperor Hirohito's birthday - and ending May 5th - Children's Day (which used to be called Boy's Day. There was no Girl's Day). This week is called 'Golden Week.' Well, there is also, in September, another series of holidays that can line up to form another solid week of holidays called Silver Week. The holidays are Sept. 21, 22, 23 and when they line up with Saturdays and Sundays (and in this economy, Fridays) it is possible for those in Japan to have six days holiday. This just happened this year and everyone was extremely happy - except employers.

And now, a reggae video from Vimeo: Tosh Meets Marley

Tosh Meets Marley from Reggae, Ska & World Music on Vimeo.

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