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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 119: How Do You Spell Caesar?

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Caesar. There are many words related to Caesar. There are the Roman leaders Julius and Augustus, who gave use the months of July and August. There is caesarian section which is a surgical method of giving birth - It is said Julius Caesar was born by caesarian section. There is also a Caesar salad but this is not named after either Julius or Augustus.

Related to Caesar are two other words we use with leaders: Kaiser and Tsar. Kaiser is used for the leader of Germany before World War 2. Kaiser means 'emperor' but the word comes from 'caesar.' Tsar is the word we use for the leader of the Russian Empire before that empire collapsed in 1917. Tsar is sometimes spelled Czar. Today we often see tsar or czar used for a government worker who is in charge of something. For example, we often see someone called the Energy Tsar or the Drug Tsar. This means they are in charge of government policies for energy or drugs.

If you search for 'Caesar' spelled 'Caesar' on the internet, you will get almost 19,000,000 sites. If you search for 'Ceasar' spelled 'Ceasar' you will get almost 2,000,000 sites. Why? Because the correct spelling is 'Caesar'. (AE nor EA).

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