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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 114: Optimistic Love

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What is SNS?
What does SNS stand for?
Who uses SNS?

SNS stands for Social Networking Site. Social Networking Sites are things like blogs, MySpace, MyFace, and other sites where you can communicate with strangers over the internet. Flickr (a photo sharing site) is a popular SNS for people who like photographs, for example.

Many people use SNS. If you post to an online forum, you are probably using an SNS. In fact, many large companies such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, and Coca Cola use SNS to advertise their products, talk to consumers, answer questions, and ask people questions. Large companies are starting to communicate with people using SNS.

If you use SNS and can upload audio or video, can type in two or three languages, and enjoy talking with people, perhaps you should look into getting a job at a company as the SNS person. It might be fun and you'll definitely learn alot while getting paid. Just a thought.

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