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Friday, May 08, 2009

Hokudai/Cast 110: Jack and A Trip

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The name 'Jack' is often used as a generic name for men. If you don't know someone's name, you can safely say, "Hey, Jack, come over here." And the person won't be offended. Why Jack has become a generic name, no one is sure but it has been used for at least 400 years.

A 'jack of all trades' means a person (not necessarily a man) who can do many things. He has learned many trades: carpentry, plumbing, painting. He might be able to do many things but he might not be the best at any of them. The complete phrase is 'Jack of all trades, master of none.' That means he can do many things, but is not the expert in any trade.

A Renaissance man or woman is someone who can do many things well. Leonardo DaVinci was a Renaissance man, for example. The Renaissance was a period of time when the arts and sciences flourished and many people were both artists and scientists. A Renaissance man, then, is opposite a Jack of all trades - he or she can do many things very well.

And now, for no particular reason, a short trip by car through a small part of Kanazawa.

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