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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 89: Get a Job

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Factory worker, office worker, and employer all have one thing in common. First, they are jobs and second, they all end in ~er. ~er is one of the groups of letters that end words that are related to jobs and jobs are important, especially these days when so many companies are laying off so many workers. Other words related to jobs that end in ~er are teacher, minister, and gardener.

Besides ~er, there is also ~or. Actor and doctor are two words that end in ~or that are related to jobs. Notice that when you remove the ~er or ~or, you have verbs (動詞). (except for doctor.)
Act, work, employ are all verbs.
By adding ~er or ~or to the end, you make a noun that is about a job. But it's not only ~er and ~or that can be added to the end of a word to make it about jobs. ~ian can also be used. If you add ~ian to the end of music, you get musician; if you add it to the end of politic, you get politician.

There is one more group of letters that can be used: ~ist. Dentist and artist are two job-related words that end in ~ist. While it is not exactly a job, you often hear the word terrorist in the news. This is another job-related word that ends in ~ist.

Lastly, a new word that has emerged from South Central Los Angeles is krumper. What is a krump? Someone who krumps. What is krumping? Watch this video:

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