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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 74: Summer Surfboard Basics?

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Ever since the Beach Boys burst onto the American rock scene back in the sixties, surf music has been a staple of summer time fun. Going to the beach or pool and listening to music while sunbathing and getting a nice suntan or a bad sunburn was the thing to do in the 60s and 7os. Then worries about skin cancer appeared and people started taking better care of their skin with suntan lotion and hats. But the music remains! Surf music! (although the Beach Boys also sang about cars - Little Deuce Coupe and 409 come to mind - and love: God Only Knows)

Hokudai/Cast 74 has an instrumental surf music song called Crack in the Surfboard - similar to the Ventures - by Uma Floresta. Our second song is a catchy little tune about Back to the Basics by Pensive. 

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