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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hokudai/Cast 72: Bass, Not Bass

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We have two songs on Hokudai/Cast today. (It's summer, time to sing!) The first is:
and sung in Japanese. 
Sorry, I can't find any lyrics for Letter.

The second is 
and sung in English. Here are the lyrics.

Written by: LiL'BiT (Lyrics/Lyrical Melody Only); Paul Napier (Track Only);

Stand By Me/
Cuz I'm So Far Gone/
And I Need You In My Life/
To Lead Me Back Home

Stand By Me/
Cuz I Don't Know What To Do/
And I Need You In My Life/
To Help Me Get Through

How am I gonna make it through?/
Bills piling up---I don't know what to do/
How am I gon' find my way/
Try and I try---It gets harder each day

I am tired, I'm wore out/
I've been hurt, there ain't no doubt/
My hope is gone, still holding on/
Too tough a time, I need you by my side (so)


The madness still lingers on/
No longer safe...even in my own home/
Spending time all under my bed/
To keep them stray bullets from hitting my head

I'm  tired yall---I'm wore out/
I been hurt, there ain't no doubt/ (no, no)
My hope is gone, STILL holding on/
Too a tough time, I need you by my side


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