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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 39: Student & Teacher Interviews

It's here! Hokudai/Cast 39 Interviews teachers and students at Hokuriku University in Kanazawa, Japan. Learn about their major, their dream when they were a child, and how to say 'archeologist' in Japanese and Chinese. 

Hokudai/Cast 39 Contents

Words for today's language fun (in English)
I'm a rock star in my mind.
If you were an archeologist...
American literature
What was your dream when you were a child?
If you could live your live over, what would you change?

0:00 ~ 0:45 Introduction

0:50 ~ 1:42 English Language Fun!

1:45 ~ 3:05 Chinese Language Fun!

3:10 ~ 4:32 Chinese & English Language Fun!

4:35 ~ 8:22 Dreams and Interviews
  • 5:25 ~ 5:55 Teacher interviewed in Japanese
  • 6:00 ~ 7:20 Teacher interviewed in English
  • 7:23 ~ 7:50 Teacher interviewed in English, again.
  • 7:52 ~ 8:22 Another teacher interviewed in English.
8:25 ~ 8:54 Dance Club interview

9:00 ~ 9:27 Interview with a Hokuriku University student who went to Germany.

9:30 ~ 10:22 Interview with a Hokuriku University student who went to China.

10:25 ~ 15:50 My Dream of You by Mocha Lab

15:55 ~ 16:40 Contact Information and Ending.

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