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Saturday, September 01, 2007

New York City

New York City

Beginning of New York City
About 400 years ago, the Dutch built a city on Manhattan island and called it New Amsterdam. The English occupied it in 1664 and the king changed the city’s name to New York. American Indians had lived on the island before the Dutch, however, the Dutch bought the island in for a couple of glass balls, knife, and some silk fabrics in 1624. Today, many people say “It was a swindle.” In 1776, the United State made New York City its capital.

Development of New York City
Westerners ‘discovered’ the continent of America, so many Europeans moved there. There were especially a lot of Dutch. The first industry in New York was the fur trade. There were a lot of beaver near the city, so they were caught and sold. About 200 years ago, New York City became an important city for the U.S. A new industry occurred in New York. It was real estate. Manhattan gradually developed because of it. After that, the Industrial Revolution occurred and capitalism developed in the U.S. so there were a lot of millionaires in New York City. New industry grew brightly there. There were iron manufacturing, railroads, communications, oil, and electricity.
In 1900, German and Irish immigrants increased in the city. Irish immigrants came to New York because there was a potato famine in Ireland. New York City’s industry developed because of this increase in workers.

Present-day of New York City
New York City is the biggest city in the U.S. but it isn’t the capital. Many people say this city is the center economics in the US. Also, New York City is called a center of fashion, medical, and amusement or mass media. In addition to this, there are famous museums, theaters, mass media’s home offices, and multinational corporations. Also, the United Nations is in New York City. This city’s population is the fourth in the world. New York city has a lot of nicknames. For example, “the city that never sleeps ,” “the capital of the world” and “the Big Apple.”

How New York City differs from Washington, D.C.
When I was an elementary school student, there were a lot of students who thought New York was the capital of the U.S. The capital of the U.S. is Washington D.C., of course. This city is called the center of politics. There are many government buildings in there. New York City is the center of economics, and Washington D.C. is the center of politics.

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