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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Japanese Confections

Japanese Confections In Kanazawa

Beginning of Japanese Confections in Kanazawa
Toshiie Maeda, who ruled over Kanazawa in the 17th century, was interested in the tea ceremony, so he encourage it in the Kagahan (the Kaga clan). Therefore, Japanese confections took root in Kanazawa.

1. Development of Japanese Confections in Kanazawa
Culture that flourished because of the tea ceremony spread to the ordinary people gradually, and became necessary among them. From a long time ago, people in Kanazawa put some Japanese confections as an offering for Buddha on a large scale. They were given to Buddhist monk after invocations, so they looked forward to it. Japanese confections became necessary foods at Japanese events. For example, we eat rice cakes covered with bean jam at the equinoctial week and eat red and white manju in summer. The life of commoners and Japanese confections merged together.

1. Present day Japanese Confections in Kanazawa
Though Kanazawa is well known for Japanese confections, we don’t usually eat it. We usually eat western confectionery, for example cakes, chocolate and candy. However, we still eat Japanese confections when we have a special event such as New Year's or a wedding. It has taken root in our traditions.

1. How Japanese Confections differs from western confectionery
Western confectionery (for example, cake, chocolate, and candy) are very sweet, especially American confectionery. It is too sweet for some Japanese people. However, we usually eat them because we like cake, chocolate and candy, so we often eat it more than Japanese confections.
I think Japanese people should eat more Japanese confections than western confectionery, because Japanese confections are more healthy than western confectionery. Western confectionery often contains a lot of sugar and coloring. It is dangerous for us. Japanese confections don’t quite contain such additives or a olt of sugar, so it is safer.

1. Future of Japanese Confections
I want Japanese confections to spread to young Japanese people, and other countries that is to say all over the world! Thinking healthily is getting more and more popular in the U.S. now, so Japanese confections will become a famous healthy food.

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