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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hokudai/Cast 31: Ten Words and a Song

Today's Hokudai/Cast has: ten words in our three languages of Japanese, Chinese, and English. It also has an interview in English with the Chinese teacher who teaches us both English and Chinese. We also have a song by a singer who will be performing at Hokuriku University's School Festival October 6 and 7: 北大祭.

The ten words that we learn in English and Chinese are:
  • 昨日
  • 今日
  • 明日
  • 趣味
  • 映画を見る
  • 友達と喋る
  • スキー
  • 柔道
  • スノボード
  • 音楽を聴く

The music in today's show is "Weather Report" by Hitomitoi.
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